Sweet potato fries air fryer – airfood recipe

Sweet potato fries air fryer – airfood recipe

Delicious Sweet potato fries air fryer are crispy and perfect Airfood recipe for topping with your favorite spice mix. This recipe shows you how to cook potatoes in the air fryer using our ingredients, instructions and nutritional information. Find a comprehensive information provided at the lower part of this article.

Professional chefs use air fryers to prepare their Sweet potato fries air fryer recipes. If you want to save time and you want to achieve restaurant quality fries, take a look at our air fryer cookbook. It contains numerous delicious recipes including our famous Sweet Potato Fries.

The air fryer is a frying pan similar to a convection oven. By rapidly circulating hot air around food, it cooks food without the need for added fat or oil.

Most recipes for sweet potato fries call for the use of a deep fryer. This often results in burnt potatoes and calories that could have been avoided. Our recipe for air fried sweet potato fries uses a few simple steps and produces delicious, healthy chips. All at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy!

Deep frying is a popular method of cooking in which food is submerged in hot oil. That helps the food to obtain its signature crisp texture and infused with flavor. The downside to deep fried food is that it can oftentimes be unhealthy and expensive. Our recipe for ‘air’ fried sweet potato fries recipe gives an alternative, healthier way of making fries.

Fried food is delicious and famous worldwide but it contains a lot of calories and is unhealthy for consumption. With this recipe, you will enjoy the same taste of fried food at a lesser cost using our secret.

Benefits of Sweet potato fries air fryer

  1. Sweet potato fries are a HIT. They’re crisp, golden, and delicious-and the high vitamin A content means they’re healthy too. So why not make them at home? It’s easy with our patented process….
  2. Those little potato fries that you’ve been craving might not be the healthiest food on your diet. But these sweet potato fries are! With a whopping complex, simple carbohydrate profile, vitamins A, C, D, iron and calcium. You can still feel good about eating your fries.
  3. The sweetest variety of the potato, the sweet potato is high in beta carotene and vitamins A and C. This makes the Sweet potato fries air fryer recipe a great alternative to regular fries. Sweet potato fries provides ample amounts of these vitamins and minerals.
  4. Chef-quality fries with no need to peel or cut. Dipped in a classic, never tasted before seasoned blend. Baked for oven fresh goodness not fried for better taste and less fat. Gluten Free. Vegetarian. Non GMO project verified. Whole grain certified by the American Heart Association.
  5. Our very own recipe is forever changing and developing. Lightly seasoned and delicate in taste. Not oily or greasy like some other fries, large size and thicker in shape than the ones available at restaurants
  6. Our fries are cooked in 100% pure peanut oil, ensuring you quality French fries that are delicious and healthy. The potatoes are cut fresh daily by hand in our stores, and are never frozen.

If you want to learn how to make sweet potato fries in the air fryer, keep on reading the post. Make sweet potato fries with our quick and easy recipe. We’ll teach you how to make them crispy and crunchy, without frying in oil. We’ll also show you how to pair them with a low-carb dip.

Why you should avoid deep fried potato but go for Sweet potato fries

One of the most popular and beloved snacks in the World is fries. And so it should be. That one side dish that goes with almost anything—they’re just darn convenient to have around. After all, it’s very difficult to resist them, especially given their tempting texture, elevated after deep frying to a golden brown crisp; and how could anyone not love French fries? However, there is one significant problem when it comes to deep fried potato fries. This is the fact that they are loaded with unwanted fat.

If you were to pick up a handful of fries from many different restaurants, you would definitely find some serious percentage of this type of fat. Strangely enough, many patrons are completely unaware that these fries actually contain a lot more than their fair share of fat, especially for those who want their consumption of dietary fats to be as limited as possible.

Americans are eating 600% more French fries than they did in the 1950s, when per capita consumption was 3 pounds per person! The United States represents the biggest market for French fries around the world. A typical fast-food order of a hamburger and medium fries contains 1,500 calories. That’s the adult daily recommended value. If you switch from eating deep fried potato fries to oven baked sweet potato fries, you’ll lower your chances of getting cancer by 40%, you’ll lower your chances of getting heart disease by 16% and you’ll also increase your chances of living longer!

Deep fried sweet potato fries are a delicacy found in food establishments throughout the United States. As with all deep fried foods, they are fraught with problems related to their nutritional content. Sweet potato fries are easy to understand and prepare, and any dieter or health conscious individual would be well advised to avoid them.

The more you look into the dangers of deep fried food, the more it’s clear that a small-town Midwest classic, sweet potato fries, may be a healthier alternative than the bagged frozen classic. As an added bonus, making your own is less expensive and easier than you think.

Deep fried sweet potato fries are one of the most popular appetizers on a bar menu, as well as among the top five side orders sold at a fast food restaurant. They are typically served on top of French fried potatoes in an order with a variety of other appetizers and side dishes. There is no doubt about the popularity of this side dish, but there is some debate about its overall nutritional value. While it may be tempting to deep fry your sweet potatoes if you are looking for a healthier option than French fries, you should think twice before making this decision.

Nutritionists all over the world are recommending sweet potato fries, as they are an excellent alternative to French fries. They have great tastes and are considered to be healthy foods. These delicious healthy treats are also moderately inexpensive, so you can easily enjoy them without breaking your bank account.

Ingredients for Sweet potato fries air fryer

  • 2 large sweet potatoes
  • 2 table spoonsful of coconut oil or olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, Kosher salt and pepper to taste


Learn how to bake sweet potato fries in an air fryer. The key for baking sweet potato fries is to make sure you’ve cut the potatoes into even shapes and sizes so that they bake evenly and all the way through.

This is how you can cook fried food without the oil by using air frying technology.

  1. Peel the sweet potatoes and slice thinly with a sharp knife to create fries of a similar thickness.
  2. Soak sweet potato fries in water for 15 minutes while you preheat the air fryer to 360°F.
  3. Drain water from fries.
  4. Pour the oil into the fry basket and put the basket into your air fryer, then set timer for 5 minutes. Be sure the basket is coated with nonstick cooking spray, or wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  5. Add sweet potatoes and coconut oil to the basket, and cook at 395 degrees F for 30 minutes, or until they are tender and browned to your liking.
  6. Stir fries at the halfway point of cooking time and if needed, continue cooking until tender but crispy (around 10 minutes depending on how thick you cut your fries).
  7. Drain on paper towels, salt & pepper to taste and serve immediately

Additional Tips

Use air Fryer

An air fryer is a convenient kitchen appliance for all sorts of foods, but it can help you prepare sweet potato fries to perfection. Air fryers use a circulation method that circulates hot, dry air around the food. When you place a food item in the basket of the air fryer and close the basket, the food cooks in this heated air. Most cooks cite moist heat as helpful for cooking more delicate foods in an air fryer.

Cooking sweet potato fries in the air fryer is so easy, even a beginner can do it! This article explains how to make sweet potato fries in your air fryer and how to choose the best sweet potatoes.

Air fryers allow you to fry food without using oil, making their name a bit misleading. They use hot air to cook foods like French fries, cheese sticks, and other fried treats. While they don’t use oil, they still cook up crispy fries! In this tutorial you will learn how to bake sweet potato fries in an air fryer.

Sweet Potato Fries baked in an air fryer is as easy as it gets. The spicy and sweet flavor of these baked fries will make them a treat worth repeating! These healthy little taters are so quick and easy to make that you’ll use your Air Fryer more than any other appliance in the kitchen.

These crispy baked sweet potato fries is an Airfood recipe with just 3 ingredients, and they come out of your air fryer in minutes. These irresistible oven baked fries are gluten free, paleo and vegan. Choose russet or sweet potatoes for this recipe.

Perfect for anyone who eats a healthy diet. These 3-ingredient-sweet potato fries are healthier than oven baked fries because they have less calories and fat, and there is no oil used. Just make sure your air fryer is at 400F.

These sweet potato fries are healthy, crispy and they’ll satisfy your cravings without making you feel guilty! Perfect as a side dish, appetizer or snack, they are so easy to make and taste delicious!

These sweet potato fries are a delicious Airfood recipe alternative to traditional French fries, and are great for any kind of meal. Serve with your favorite toppings.

These sweet potato fries will be your new favorite side! Roasted in the oven to a crisp tender perfection then dusted with a blend of spices that’s sure to please. These fries are an easy weeknight side dish for all of your family favorites, or perfect for a neighborhood picnic for 4, but why stop there?

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